Booking Agreement


(a) Definitions and Law
This contract is an agreement of the hire of inflatables and accessories ( “the Equipment”) detailed overleaf and will be governed by Irish law.

The parties to the agreement contract are:
(I) The hirer (“the Hirer”) (ii) The Supplier (” the Supplier”)
(iii) Where than the para is not an individual acting in person, the person who books the bouncy castles for hire and pays the booking deposit via bank, paypal or revolut will become the Hirer.
No variation of addition to this contract shall be effective. If any condition is held to be invalid the others will not be affected. A decision not to enforce any condition will not constitute a waiver of the Supplier’s right.

(b) Extent of agreement and Non Assignability
The contract will be effective when the Hirer places a detailed order and the Supplier has accepted it. Contact is not assignable.

(c) Maximum Period of Hire

If the Hirer is an individual, partnership or an unincorporated body the Contact will at latest terminate upon the expiry of one month from the date of commencement.

(d) Termination of the Contract
If the Hirer is in breach of Contract or is involved in insolvency or liquidation proceedings the Supplier may terminate the Contract and repossess the Equipment without affecting any right to recover monies due, including damages for breach of the Contract, or any other remedies.

(e) Ownership of Equipment and Goods
Equipment remains at all times the property of the Supplier.

(a). Basis of Charging
Charges and commencement dates are as stated and charges including Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays, until the Equipment is collected.

(b) Transport
Delivery or collection will be included at the Suppliers current rate. Quoted charges including 15 minutes attendance at the specified address. Extended waiting times maybe charged for. To redeliver will incur an extra charge which is calculated on milage and time. This is normally within the region of one third of the booking rental fee.

(c) Time for Payment
The Hirer will pay all monies due upon installation (failure to do so can result in unit being left with the hirer), on demand interest on amount overdue are at current overdraft rate plus 4%. The Hirer will be liable for all legal charges incurred by the Supplier in the recovery of the amount due and/or equipment.

(d) Cancellation Charge
100% of the hire charge for the unconsumed hire period will be due in the event of early cancellation for any reason WITHIN 2 days OF THE HIRE DATE. For all May bookings all cancellations made within 4 weeks of the booking date incur a 100% charge.

(e) Failure to Allow Inspection of Equipment
If after reasonable notice that Hirer fails to make the equipment available for inspection the Supplier makes treat it as having been lost and levy a penalty charge against the Hirer of the full replacement cost.

(f) If unit does not fit.

It is the customers responsibility to make sure that the unit ordered will fit in the allocated space, if this is not possible for us to install due to incorrect dimensions the customer is liable for the complete rental price. We do not leave equipment on site unless we install it as per all our safety requirements. 1200MM clear flat access is required for us to deliver. The placement area must be flat and safe for us to install. It is the customers responsibility to provide correct information as failure to do so will result in us being unable to install the unit and the full rental charge will still apply.

(a) Damage or Loss Costs
The Hirer will pay for all rectification, cleaning or Equipment loss. The cost of damage repair will also be payable by the Hirer. Severe damage or Equipment loss will result in charging full replacement cost. Hire charges will accrue until settlement is made.

(b) Delivery, Inspection and Receipt of Equipment
The Hirer/Signatory will examine the Equipment at physical handover to ensure satisfaction and sign in confirmation. For delivered items any shortage or damage must be noticed on the delivery note.

(c) Security of Equipment
The Hirer assumes responsibility for the bouncy castles and party equipment and undertakes not to sell, re-hire or part with possession, alter, repair or modify it in any way.

(d) Lost or Stolen Equipment
Equipment purchased to replace lost or stolen items is the property of the Supplier.

(e) Maintenance of Equipment and Breakdown Procedures
The Hirer is responsible for the safety, safe use, serviceability and cleanliness of the Equipment throughout the hire period and must immediately notify any breakdown of shortcoming to the Supplier without attempt to repair.

(f) Signatory’s Warranty via Electronical booking and deposit
The Signatory warrants that he/she is authorized by the Hirer to enter into the Contact and indemnifies the Supplier against all losses and cost incurred if such authority is misrepresented.

(g) Access Through House

Upon request we will bring a unit through the inside of your property. We will not be held responsible for any damage or wet floors however we will of course take every reasonable precaution that this will not happen.

(h) UnderGround Pipes

It is the hires duty to inform us of any underground pipes within 300mm of the ground surface before we install any unit. We will not be held responsible for any burst hidden pipes

(a) Acknowledgment of Safety instructions and Safe Use
The Hirer/Signatory acknowledges receipt of appropriate instruction in the safe and proper operation of the Equipment and confirms and certifies that the supplier has read the instructions to me and I understand same. I undertake that it will only be used in accordance with those instructions. The Hirer hereby indemnified the Supplier against any expense, liability, loss, claim or proceedings for any personal injury and damage to or loss on any property arising from or in with the contract or by way of performance of any of the conditions contained therein. Duhallow Bouncy Castles do not provide insurance.

(a) Supply of Equipment and Limitation of Liability
Liability for claims made by the Hirer will not exceed the period hire charges or the price of Equipment whichever is less and does not extend to any consequential or financial loss liability caused by late or non- delivery of Equipment, its unsuitability, breakdown, stoppage or lawful repossession. The Supplier may substitute items of similar quality, specification performance where necessary.

A responsible adult must supervise the unit at all times.
Under no circumstances must the equipment be interfered with or moved.
In the event of high winds or inclement weather deflate the inflatable immediately.
Never overcrowd a unit and segregated different aged children.
Ensure that no persons are on, or in the inflatable while inflating or deflating and never remove the plug without first checking.
Persons using the inflatable must remove footwear, belts and glasses.
No toys, sharp objects, water, food or drink allowed on the unit.
The hirer is responsible to cover any hard surfaces adjacent to the entrance/exit with mats or soft material.
No adults or pets are permitted to use our inflatables
No children are ever permitted to climb on the walls of an inflatable.
Never allow children to run out or jump down from the unit.
On units with slides. Children must go down feet first, NEVER head first.

The hirer will pay all monies due upon installation.
The hirer is responsible for the inflatable whilst in your care.
Cleaning costs will be charged if the unit is returned in an unacceptable condition.
Any malicious damage or loss of the unit is the hirer’s responsibility.

Please note that all persons using this inflatable do so at their own risk
The hirer agrees to our Terms and Conditions for and on behalf of all persons who come into contact and use the unit whilst the unit is in their care.

Duhallow Bouncy Castles